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Dan Torrence
Dementia Care Consultant PDX

Helping those living with dementia find joy in everyday life!


Dan Torrence provides guidance and support for individuals living with dementia and their care partners by:

  • Educating care partners on the “best practice” of approaching and providing direct care for persons living with dementia.
  • Assessing the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the client and developing an individually tailored care plan for short and long-term needs.
  • Helping understand what the person living with dementia is expressing through “behaviors” and determining unmet needs.
  • Evaluating the environment and the daily routines of the person living with dementia and recommending solutions customized for the client’s needs. If needed, provide help selecting the appropriate long-term care setting.
  • Advocating and ensuring the quality of care of the client living in a long-term care setting by providing ongoing support, education, and resources.
  • Providing ongoing support through end-of-life with help arranging hospice care, caregiving, and emotional and spiritual support.
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